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Impey Showers


Impey Showers, formed in 2000 is the UK's leading luxury and disabled wet room specialist manufacturer. 

They pioneered wet room technology and created the first wet room floor former with a built-in gradient which is used in the healthcare market as a level-access floor, and in the retail market as a luxury wet room.

Impey has over 250,000 wet room installations in the UK. They design innovative, high-quality products which can be used in the property; residential; education; leisure; health and care sectors. Impey provides solutions suitable for all spaces, from large luxury bathrooms to small compact ensuites.

"Wetrooms add luxury, style and visual appeal to a home, and provide the perfect bathroom even in the smallest areas. They create a sense of space, dedicated to accessibility, luxury and relaxation which can't be achieved with a traditional bath and shower combination."

Impey Showers Brochure Downloads

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