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Vanity Units: A Buyers Guide

Vanity units have become a popular choice within the bathroom due to their stylish and practical attributes. A versatile choice due to the options to suit almost any bathroom décor, vanity units are a must consider when looking to update the washbasin area of your bathroom. However, the amount of choice can make it difficult to narrow down your search to find exactly what you require, here in this guide we will help you by weighing up the options available.

Decide the Fit of Your Vanity Unit

To start with you need to decide where the vanity unit is going to be placed within the bathroom. This will help in choosing how large or small a unit you are able to choose. Vanity units come in a wide range of sizes so it is imperative that you select a size that will cohesively fit in your bathroom layout. Another consideration when situating your unit is the space around it. You need to make sure if you have a unit with drawers, they can open without being obstructed and the same for doors. Always check the clearance around your unit to decide whether doors or drawers would be best suited. You must also consider what type of vanity unit is appropriate for the space to enable you to get the most use out of it. This can relate to what you will store in it and who specifically will be using it. For drawer units, they are best suited to storing small items or those which can be laid down, while door units are great for taller items.

Mounting of You Vanity Unit

Vanity units can come in both floor and wall-mounted versions. However, we would recommend that even with those that sit on the floor you should always secure them with wall brackets. Floor-standing vanity units can have a more traditional look. The overall design makes it easier to install and hide all pipe work while offering a great amount of storage space. However, if you have a small bathroom these might look a bit bulky and feel like they take up slightly more room than wall-hung versions. Wall-mounted units tend to have a more modern look and create an illusion of greater space due to their floating appearance. These are mounted to the wall which means all the pipework must be chased through the wall for a flawless finishing look.

The Abundance of Colour and Styles of Vanity Units Available

This is where the possibilities become almost endless. Vanity units come in an array of styles and colours to suit a wide range of bathroom décors. The first decision is whether you are looking for a modern or traditional style of vanity unit. Modern units are more likely to be wall-mounted and have clean sharp edges. Traditionally styled units are often floor-mounted and have more curvature to them with ornate detailing on the doors; they are also often made of wood for that classic finish.

There are two options for the opening of vanity units; doors or drawers. Often soft close, both door and drawers will gently close to avoid crushing tiny fingers. Door units offer a great amount of space for taller toiletries. Inside the areas are usually separated by shelves that can be adjusted to suit specific needs. Drawers are an amazing option for when you have enough floor space for the drawers to fully open out. They are ideal for smaller items and those who like to see everything laid out. Certain vanity units have a mixture of doors and drawers to create universal storage space. You may also be able to personalise the vanity unit by choosing from a selection of handles.

Possibly the most important decision when selecting your vanity unit is the colour finish. Almost every colour imaginable is available in both gloss and matte finishes. So, whether you want to match a specific element of your bathroom décor or add a splash of contrasting colour, you’ll be able to find a vanity unit to do just that. Traditional wooden units often have a painted finish that allows you to see the wood graining to keep the natural feeling in the bathroom. More modern units have sleek colour finishes and sometimes laminate wooden effect finishes.

The Ease of Vanity Unit Combination Packs

These combination packs come with all the essentials for creating a cohesive basin area. They simplify the process of selecting a compatible basin and vanity unit. They usually include a basin and vanity unit; some packs even include a mirror or mirror cabinet to create a complete the look. With these, all you need to do is select a size and colour.

The Alternative – Washbasin Stands

If you are looking for a slightly daring alternative to a vanity unit, a washbasin stand could be the option for you. Usually manufactured from metal, this gives them a slightly industrial feeling. The less traditional open look means they often just have a shelf and a towel rail. Available with more traditional design lines as well as sleek modern looks, they are a must consideration for those who want a stunning centrepiece.


We hope this guide has helped you in narrowing down your search for a vanity unit. If you want to discover what other basin options are available, feel free to check out our basin buying guide.

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