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Bringing Bathrooms to Life

Mood/concept boards are everywhere these days. Whether you are manifesting a new outlook on life or simply redesigning your bathroom it can be helpful to collate your ideas in one place. With our showroom in mind, we have curated a few mood/design boards around current bathroom trends. We have then used our showroom displays to show you how these could work within your own bathroom environment.


Modern Monochrome

Monochrome is a bathroom classic, so we have given it the ultimate modern rejuvenation. A simple black and white candle was the starting point for this mood board, we found the size and shape of this candle would work well against a more angular designed room. Subway tiles are always a popular choice within the bathroom and for design flare unevenly using black and white tiles would work well. To lean more on the masculine black, we chose a black shower tray (circular disc) and paired this with a black framed glass panel and black brassware for a cohesive finish. We then wanted to bring a touch of femininity to the bathroom and introduced the elegant marble which brings in the white without being too stark. To finish off the bathroom a black radiator would look spectacular and is something that is not often seen.


A Twist on Traditional

For some people, an ultra-traditional bathroom is all they’ve ever dreamed of, while for others they want to use certain traditional elements but would rather have a bathroom with more modern undertones. This inspiration board is able to balance the modern and traditional categories spectacularly. The basis of the board relies on the use of modern wall-boarding. The design chosen has an intricate pattern which creates a background focal point to draw attention but will also let the traditional bathroom elements shine through. To match with this, we chose wood with yellow undertones, as it allows for the brightness of the chrome accessories to be highlighted. Cross-handle taps are a must for any traditional bathroom and a dual mixer tap screams opulence. To tie it all together ceramic bowls will match various styles of toilets and wooden accessories will highlight the traditional elements within the design.

When this design was put together in the showroom, the wall boarding was used behind a high-level toilet creating a truly spectacular contrast between modern and traditional design. The delicate detailing of the broad basin and pedestal is accentuated by the use of smaller individual pillar taps over a singular mixer tap.


In a Pastel Forest

For the next mood board, we took inspiration from the art deco detailing on the candle. We decided to pair it with some vibrant on-trend wallpaper with a similar pink background. We thought this could make a statement area around the basin. As pastel colours are all the range, we selected a pale pink door that looks both demur and playful and would effortlessly match with the wallpaper. To make the board more sophisticated we chose gold brassware. This could easily be swapped out for black or chrome to dramatically change the look and feel of the bathroom.

In the showroom, we have taken this mood board two ways. The first is on our pastel vanity unit display. Paired with classic white subway tiles this display shows how brightly coloured vanity units can be a showstopping piece within the bathroom. Whether it’s baby pink or pale blue, the contrast of pale shades with bold brassware just looks right. Chrome brassware would provide a more subdued effect for a calmer overall finish, brassware in gold and bronze is the perfect trendy finishing touch to pastel units. Large mirrors with matching trims make for a cohesive and thoroughly thought-out design. They also have the added benefit of boosting light flow around the bathroom.

Following the floral wallpaper route, this next display showcases how you can use the wallpaper as a feature within the bathroom. Using painted wood panelling to add height to the room, the wallpaper has been placed above and within the fireplace to create a designer look. Mixing contemporary and traditional forms this bathroom showcases how to do everything right when following trends. From the grey-painted panelling to the bold floral wallpaper, the brashness of the room is taken down with the use of pale colours on the matching vanity unit and radiator. The show-stopping look of the bath in front of the mantlepiece truly finishes off this design.


Spa-Like Serenity

Bringing the outside into the house is all the range and there is no place in the house more appropriate than the bathroom; where the user wants to feel at one with themselves. Mixing wood and concrete is an easy way of creating a spa-esque environment within the bathroom and thus promoting an atmosphere of health and wellness. Geometric concrete tiles come in various colours and styles and in this board, we have chosen some with darker detailing in order to complement the depth of colour in the wood and slate we opted for. Brassware and accessories finished in brushed gold complement the subtle grandeur of the bathroom without taking away from the overall natural feeling. Within the board, we also incorporated a small-scale bath. We found the white of the bath stood out from the dark neutral colours of the bathroom in a way that made the whole room gel and feel more relaxing. Introducing the green plant emphasised the link with nature and assisted in making the most of the natural look whilst offsetting the darker aspects of the palette.

All lifestyle images are taken from displays in our Burnley Showroom.

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