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Let us worry about the bathrooms! At James Hargreaves we have extensive experience in bathroom design, specification, planning and logistics management. If you decide to partner with us you can rest assured that you will enjoy our reputed professionalism and customer service at every step of the process.

The Creative Design Process

James Hargreaves can suggest room changes based on the latest trends and customer wants. Our product expertise and long-term experience means that James Hargreaves' staff are well aware of what people opt for when buying a new bathroom.

VirtualWorlds Design

James Hargreaves can also take the entire design and specification phase out of a developer’s hands, so he can focus at the project at hand.

Why choose James Hargreaves?

  • Unrivalled product awareness, staff are being constantly trained
  • Long-time experience
  • Know-how of the latest trends
  • Design expertise
  • Draw on the talent pool from the Young Designer Awards
  • Reputed customer service

The Practical Aspects

Based on your architects plans (or our own plans) we can supply high-level detail specification plans up to center lines of tiles.

Your contractors will be supplied with high-level detail first-fixings technical sheets, reducing the risk of errors and making sure that subsequent stages of the bathroom build go as quickly as possible saving you time and money.

  • We can create specifications working from plans
  • We will also supply the tiling plan (if we are providing the tiles)
  • We will meet all building regulations when creating specs (Code for Sustainable Homes)
  • In-house renewable energy specialists if needed or appropriate
  • We will go to site and meet clients

Specification Managers

Lee Meeks

Specifications Manager North West James Hargreves Group
07967 570 444

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Kevin Kelly

Specifications Manager North East & Yorkshire James Hargreves Group
07958 959679

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